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What’s the difference between a powerful idea that changes peoples’ lives for the better, and one that never gets put into action? All too often the answer is “resources.” That’s why Valley Vision launched an Innovation Fund and uses those dollars to drive results around important community, equity and social issues deserving attention.

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Valley Vision has always had a top-notch staff and consultant team with the skills necessary to achieve positive change for the region and its residents, but like many nonprofits, it’s been limited by the lack of its own investment capital that could turn ideas from the community into reality. Recognizing this need, the Valley Vision board of directors agreed to create a special set-aside Innovation Fund within the organization capable of pooling donations and gifts from board members and community investors that could be directed towards high-priority regional needs that don’t otherwise have a ready sponsor.

Set up in 2016, over $100,000 have been committed and spent so far on some of the most urgent regional needs, from working with scores of partners to increase financial investment and job creation in neighborhoods suffering from chronically high unemployment and poor living conditions, to increasing transit service levels and safety for those most in need, to building community and political support for a connected regional trail system that would improve health and wellbeing and expand transportation options.

Innovation Fund dollars are driving results in each of these areas and allow Valley Vision to engage affected stakeholders, provide technical assistance, conduct research and implement promising practices. There’s much more we can do to help make our communities healthy, strong and resilient. To learn more, or to make a contribution to Valley Vision’s Innovation Fund, contact Bill Mueller at

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