For 30 years the Cleaner Air Partnership has worked collaboratively to help the Sacramento region meet federal and state clean air standards. Why work together? The impacts of air pollution do not respect political or jurisdictional lines. Poor air quality hurts all of us – our health, quality of life and economic vitality. Working toward cleaner air is not an easy task, and at times can be complex, but the Cleaner Air Partnership has found that by working together we can find win-win solutions that improve our region’s air quality and thereby protect health and advance economic growth.

This report has been compiled to show how far the region has come in cleaning the air, celebrate the significant progress made, and to highlight the work that remains to be done in order to meet air quality standards that protect our health and economic vitality. It provides a simplified look at conditions and trends representing air quality overall for the Sacramento region. A summary version of the report is also available.

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