By purchasing locally, hospitals can help support farmers, preserve farmland, bolster the local economy, and connect hospital patients, staff, and visitors to the origins of their food. The Farm Fresh Health Care forum on August 4th, 2015 examined how hospitals and other ‘anchor institutions’ can lead the way in ensuring an effective and efficient food ecosystem by way of sourcing locally.

This series of Powerpoints was presented at the August 4th forum, held at the Sierra Health Foundation. Valley Vision co-hosted the event with Health Care Without Harm and enjoyed immense interest from hospital food procurement officials, food distributors, and other food system stakeholders.

The Powerpoints are organized as follows:

  • David Shabazian (SACOG) – Rural-Urban Connections Strategy/Food Hub Business Plan
  • Lucia Sayre (Health Care Without Harm) – Healthy Food in Health Care
  • Ted Schettler (Science and Environmental Health Network) – Redefining Healthy Food in Health Care
  • Kendra Klein (Physicians for Social Responsibility) – Lessons Learned from the Bay Area Farm Fresh Healthcare Project
  • Kimberlee Alvari (Washington Hospital) – Farm Fresh Healthcare: The Business of Nourishing and Healing
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