Valley Vision’s Motto Will Stick With Me (Where Ever I Might Go)

In the summer of 2015, after graduating from Berkeley, I decided to move to Sacramento. Most of my friends and classmates had opted to begin their careers in bigger cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But I wanted something different, and packed my bags and moved to a new city where I had no job lined up, nor any family or friends there for support. It was a gut decision – maybe a little crazy – but I was looking for a challenge,  and sensed that Sacramento would be a place where I could take on meaningful and complex issues. Fortuitously, I met Valley Vision Project Leader Tammy Cronin, who was kind enough to lend me an ear and provide me with advice on how to establish myself in Sacramento. Through my encounter with Tammy, I discovered Sacramento’s richest jewel – it’s thriving, connected community, spread across the region’s distinct, yet intertwined, counties. This same rich, communal bond exists at Valley Vision.

Over the past two years at Valley Vision, I have had the opportunity to work on complex regional issues (“wicked problems”), an array of projects, and alongside a remarkable staff. I’ve learned innumerable lessons and skills and have been pushed in ways I could never have anticipated, enabling me to grow both professionally and personally. I have engaged with a diverse network of civic leaders, participated in collective impact, and acquired a deeper knowledge of the region’s top business industries, entrepreneurial ecosystem, economic indicators, workforce constraints and transportation sector.  Together, with my colleagues, I’ve had the opportunity to help make the region more competitive and receive more of the recognition that it deserves. I am forever grateful to have been brought into the Valley Vision family, and for being taken under the wing of an amazing mentor and Managing Director (Trish Kelly), and a one-of-a-kind CEO (Bill Mueller), who is constantly pushing the staff and organization to take risks and not be afraid to fail.

What’s next for me? I will be working for Sacramento City Councilman Steve Hansen as his District Representative. I am ecstatic for the new opportunity and grateful to be able to continue working to positively impact Sacramento.

Valley Vision and its staff will always have a place in my heart, and I plan to carry the Valley Vision motto with me forever: “We’re here to improve people’s live. We are not afraid of risking failure on the path to success. We dream big. And act bigger. To transform our communities. To do something that matters.”


Samantha Minor has been a Valley Vision employee for nearly two years, leading and contributing to projects in the 21st Century Workforce, Clean Economy, and Food and Agriculture portfolios.

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